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Acquired Brain Injury Condition

Brain Injuries can be Traumatic or Acquired depending on the nature of the injury. There are many possible causes including; Road Traffic Accidents, Assaults, Falls, Tumours, Infections, Substance Misuse or Hypoxic Injury.

The symptoms from brain injury can be very varied and complex depending on the site and severity of the injury. You/Your relative may present with a range of symptoms beyond sensori-motor impairments. Symptoms often include cognitive deficits, speech and language difficulties, behavioural or mood related issues which all impact on functional

Rehabilitation frequently requires a holistic and multi-agency approach with close partnership working with both the person affected and their family/support workers.

Therapy must be goal driven, a bespoke rehabilitation programme will be devised by the treating therapist. This will address the specific focal deficits such as muscle weakness, tightness, stiffness, sensory neglect, in order to maximise the potential for functional recovery including sitting, upper limb function, sitting to standing and walking.

There are a range of other therapy adjuncts such as Saeboflex, Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) Serial Casting and Hydrotherapy that may be beneficial within the rehabilitation plan these can be discussed with the treating therapist.

A Neuro Physiotherapist is also trained to identify spasticity management options; splinting, stretching, casts, positioning equipment, medication management, Botulinum Toxin or Intrathecal Baclofen Pumps are all possible option for intervention that a Neuro Physiotherapist can offer advice/guidance in.

A Neuro Physiotherapist will also be able to offer advice in relation to walking aids, home equipment, wheelchairs, orthoses and community based exercise that may assist with maximising functional independence.

If you would like to hear more about how our team at Tees Neuro Physiotherapy can help your/your relative’s recovery following a Brain Injury please do not hesitate to contact the team to discuss further.


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