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Motor Neurone Disease Condition

Specialist Neurological Physiotherapy can help address a range of symptoms that may present as a result of MND.

MND is often a rapidly progressive neurological condition, affecting the spinal cord and peripheral nervous system, this causes rapid loss of movement control throughout the body. Every person will progress differently but most people will experience loss of motor function soon after diagnosis or prior to diagnosis in some cases. There is no cure for MND however Neuro Physiotherapy can be helpful in symptom management and teaching strategies to help optimise your independence.

Neuro Physiotherapy aims to prolong secondary complications occurring as a result of muscle weakness. A stretching and basic bespoke exercise programme can be useful.

Hydrotherapy is often another useful therapy adjunct to help facilitate/maintain mobility, eliminate effortful land based movement and in some cases is helpful for pain control.

Some people may experience respiratory symptoms, a Physiotherapist can also help to teach breathing exercises and offer positioning advice.

Your Neuro Physiotherapist will also be able to offer advice in relation to walking aids, home equipment, wheelchairs and orthoses that may assist you in maintaining your walking and independence for longer than usual.

In MND muscles properties change, as a result of this, strength work and exercise can often cause fatigue. A Neuro Physiotherapist can help guide you on how to exercise appropriately.

*If you would like to hear more about how our team at Tees Neuro Physiotherapy can help you manage your symptoms of MND please do not hesitate to contact the team to discuss further.


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