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LEXO Service

What is LEXO?
Our clinic is proud to be the first in the North East to host Tyromotion’s Robotic Gait Trainer- ‘Lexo’ - the new standard in robotic gait rehabilitation.

The Lexo is an impressive, innovative and ‘cutting edge’ technological advance within the neuro rehabilitation field. In our clinic setting it may be used as a therapy ‘adjunct’ as part of our ‘intensive rehab package’ or if deemed suitable by our specialist neurological physiotherapists the Lexo may be used as part of your core neurological physiotherapy programme.

Here is our LEXO Robotic Gait Trainer in use at our clinic:

There are many advantages of Lexo-therapy such as:

Evidence Based Therapy
Based on the principles of high repetition of movement and specificity within gait training 20 % more patients were able to walk after using Lexo than with traditional therapy outcomes.

“In comparison to conventional gait rehabilitation, gait training, assisted by end effector apparatus leads to a statistically significant and clinically relevant improvement in gait velocity and maximum walking distance after stroke”. (Mehrholz, 2018)

High Adaptability
Lexo can be used with a wide range of clients due to its easy accessibility and available precision of adjustment. It is also capable of both passive and active walking modes which makes it highly versatile depending on the sensori- motor ability of the user. This means that it can be useful for many clients as part of their therapy programme.

Increases Therapy Time & Direct Therapist - Client Interaction
Often session time can be taken up by tedious set-up of procedures/environment and equipment for successful gait rehab to take place. All of this can often be physically demanding for the therapist, meaning that they are not always ‘hands free’ to observe, feedback and engage to an optimum level. Lexo presents a huge opportunity for the therapist to offer security and stability to the user whilst remaining ‘hands free’ to further enhance the outcome within the therapy session.

Highly Engaging/Motivating
The software and gamification elements that Lexo offers enables therapy to become immersive which assists in better compliance, high repetition within the session and thus increases intensity and biofeedback, this makes therapy self-motivating and adds fun!

Increases Intensity and Specificity
Lexo makes users feel secure and stable therefore therapy can focus on incorporating elements such as speed, endurance, specific elements of gait (heel strike/stride length/ loading reponse) and thus increase repetition of successful movement patterning into gait training. This helps neuroplasticity (ability of the nervous system to re-organise connections) following neurological injury/lesion and can also increase cardiovascular fitness simultaneously. This in turn can help to rapidly speed up the recovery process.

For further information about Lexo, our ‘intensive rehab packages’, or to book an assessment with one of our specialist neurological physiotherapists please contact – 01642 563222 or email admin@teesneurophysiotherapy.com.

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