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Functional Motor Disorders Condition

Is a complex movement disorder that manifests in the absence of an ‘organic’ neurological dysfunction. This can present as weakness, gait or balance disturbance, abnormal limb posturing, tremors/shaking or ‘myoclonus’. Essentially the neurological system remains intact but there is ‘misinterpretation’ of signals from the central nervous system to the peripheral nervous system.

With a neurologically intact system this means that in essence there is good sensori-motor potential for recovery. This does not mean however that everybody with a diagnosis of FMD makes a recovery.

www.neurosymptoms.org is an extremely useful website in helping you to understand this condition in more depth.

Our Specialist Neurological Physiotherapist at Tees Neuro Physiotherapy has a special interest in the management of this condition and has worked with many people affected by the condition.

A Neuro Physiotherapist will devise a bespoke rehabilitation programme – we often recommend initially quite an intense period of input in order to maximise recovery potential. There are various strategies that can be helpful in the management of this condition-Hydrotherapy and sensory manipulation work/mirrors etc can be extremely useful therapy adjuncts.

The explanation of FMD is also essential in terms of recovery prognosis, there is frequently a misunderstanding amongst Healthcare Professionals that are not specialist in the area of Neurology. A poor explanation and delay in accessing therapies can be detrimental to longer term recovery.

*If you would like to speak with the team at Tees Neuro Physiotherapy about how our input may be helpful for the management of your/your relative’s condition then please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss in more depth.

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