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Assessment Service



A Neurological Physiotherapy assessment can take place in clinic or in the home environment.

Our skilled Neurological Physiotherapist will perform an individualised assessment which will include a subjective ‘history taking’ aspect followed by an objective physical assessment which is based on an in-depth understanding of ‘normal movement concept’ known as the Bobath Concept strongly underpinned by the Physiotherapist’s specialist knowledge of
anatomy, neuro-physiology and biomechanics.

The assessment will include observation, passive movement of limbs/trunk/head and functional movement analysis throughout a range of postural sets e.g. lying, sitting, standing, walking. Outcome measures assessments may also be taken at the initial assessment- for instance timed walk tests, balance assessments or muscle strength/length/tone measurement scales.

Assessment is usually completed within 1 hour, in complex cases this may take longer. At the end of the assessment the client/relatives will discuss ‘Goal Setting’ the goals will be mutually agreed and formalised by the Physiotherapist to help monitor progress.

The objective findings will be feedback to you/your relative and will form the basis of the subsequent treatment plan.

*If you have any questions about assessment then please do not hesitate to contact a
member of the team.

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