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Guillian Barre Syndrome Condition

Specialist Neurological Physiotherapy can help address a range of symptoms that may present as a result of GBS.

GBS is a rare autoimmune neurological condition where the immune system attacks it’s own peripheral nervous system (the nerves outside of the brain and spinal cord). The exact cause of GBS is unknown however it is not inherited nor is it contagious. The severity of GBS can vary from mild to severe. Many people will make an almost complete recovery, some will be left with residual and long term neurological impairments.

Neuro Physiotherapy aims to rehabilitate and manage symptoms following GBS. Many people will experience muscle weakness and sensory deficits. Neurological Physiotherapist’s will provide rehabilitation programmes to build strength, re-educate functional movement and help advise in strategies for managing pain.

Hydrotherapy is often another useful therapy adjunct to help facilitate/maintain mobility whilst eliminating the effort of land based movement and in some cases is helpful for pain control. Hydrotherapy can also be very useful for sensory/proprioceptive re-education.

Some people may experience respiratory symptoms, a Physiotherapist can also help to teach breathing exercises and offer positioning advice.

Your Neuro Physiotherapist will also be able to offer advice in relation to walking aids, home equipment, wheelchairs and orthoses that may assist you in improving your gait/functional independence.

*If you would like to hear more about how our team at Tees Neuro Physiotherapy can help you manage your symptoms or help with your ongoing rehabilitation requirements then please do not hesitate to contact the team to discuss further.

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