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Multiple Sclerosis Condition

Specialist Neurological Physiotherapy can help address a range of symptoms that may present as a result of Multiple Sclerosis.

Naturally, not everybody with MS will present with the same motor or sensory problems however there are common movement dysfunction problems that affect most people with MS to varying severities.

Neuro Physiotherapy aims to re-educate movement patterns that may have become established due to a particular weakness in a group of muscles or sometimes as a result of muscle spasticity (spasm).

Neuro Physiotherapist’s have specialist skills to identify focal deficits using detailed movement analysis and skilled muscle facilitation to explore muscle length and build postural control. This often leads to improvements in muscle flexibility, stability and balance which can help to make walking more efficient.

This is especially important in progressive conditions such as MS as optimising postural control and stability can keep people moving in more efficient patterns for much longer than without therapy.

Your Neuro Physiotherapist will also be able to offer advice in relation to walking aids, wheelchairs, orthoses and functional electrical stimulation (FES) that may assist your walking and independence.

Many people with MS are affected by fatigue, this is an invisible symptom but often reported by many as their most liming factor. A Neuro Physiotherapist can help develop a graded exercise programme and help teach strategies to manage symptoms of fatigue.

*If you would like to hear more about how our team at Tees Neuro Physiotherapy can help you manage your symptoms of MS please do not hesitate to contact the team to discuss further.

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